Pre-Fabrication Consultants

We design, build and implement fabrication processes customized to any contractor's needs.

You dream of building projects on time and under budget, that you take pride in. Pictures this:

  • Building components of a project in a controlled shop environment instead of in the field.

  • Improved project lifecycles beginning with estimation, planning, production up to field installation.

  • More control over every aspect of your project. 

  • Construction projects without stress and the feeling of being in crisis mode. Start sleeping at night. 

This could be your next project.

As SMART Pre-Fabrication Program Consultants we help your team shift from old practices to implementing project life cycles and strategies that eliminate headaches and save money from day one.

Start building before you ever reach the field. 

Why Pre-Fab?

One change. BIG benefits.

  • Saved time in the field.

  • Eliminated rework.

  • Consistent/Accurate profit projections

  • Increased control of production, scheduling, safety, environmental conditions, visibility, and communication throughout the entire construction process.

  • More precise estimating and stronger project management oversight.

  • Expanded control over the material, material cost, field coordination. 

  • Increased regulation of fab tracking from estimate to installation.

  • Consistent Quality

  • Organized Purchasing


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Implementing Prefab

QA/QC Program

Fab Tracking Program


David Antosiak


The leading expert in MEP Pre-Fabrication, David  Antosiak, has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry with Colorado's leading mechanical contractors. 

Begin your pre-fab journey. 


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